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The new Algerian Investment Law (Law 22-18 of July 24, 2022)

   In accordance with the new economic openness policy initiated by President Abdelamadjid Tebboune as a component of his national development program, the Algerian Government adopted, on July 24th, 2022, a new Law on Investment carrying as a novelty an integrated approach for the promotion of local and foreign investments, with the main aim of enabling both national and foreign companies wishing to intervene in the Algerian market to operate in a healthy, a transparent and a more competitive environment.
Deserving since the status of a potential changing indicator in the national newly growth model as well as a factor of liberation and economic diversification action, the newly legal investment code consecrates as changes, among others, the cancellation of the 51/49 rule known to having discouraged foreign investors and aroused operators fear, taking into account all the creation of wealth factors that requires a better encouragement of the business climate in the country.
For details on its fundamental provisions, please click here: dowload

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